March 14, 2007

Ignorant and loving it

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Cut it out. I’m sick of it. I don’t understand how people can endure living in such ignorance. Like there’s a big volcano of ignorance that erupted and everybody ran to see who could get covered in the most.

I see it around me all the time but today I have to say something. Where do I even start? How about here:

I recently put this as my default picture on Myspace. Now, I don’t even use Myspace for much of anything these days but people were complaining that I didn’t have pictures of myself. So I found this one, about two years old, and uploaded it. Wow, everyone sure had something to say. My little sister had her comment. Whatever. A few people I don’t even know had to share their input. Then the one that bothered me. A friend of the family, someone who I haven’t talked to in years, decided to make the comment “I don’t remember you being gangsta lol”

Ok…I’m not. I never have been “gangsta,” never claimed to be “gangsta,” and have no desire to be. What about the photo is “gangsta”? Is it the gang sign I’m clearly throwing up? Is it the gun that I’m flashing for the camera? Is it my bandana hanging out of my pocket? Or is that fact that you’re an ignorant 36-year old who doesn’t know a thing about me? This ignorance, and these sorts of stereotypes need to stop. She’s Black just like I’m Black. And still, this bullshit? Cut it out. You’re no better than the White kids I went to high school with, and you’re just perpetuating the ignorance. So when they see that, and they’re like “oh look, he’s gangsta now” it’ll be your fault, not mine. Forgive me for wearing a hat backwards and not smiling. And it’s out of nowhere too. We haven’t spoken in years and now it’s this. Not “congratulations on starting a family”. Not “I heard you got a new place”. Not even “long time no talk”. Just something stupid. Fuck you. Cut it out.

Then on NPR tonight, there was a lady who read a ridiculous essay about Anna Nicole Smith. Her whole point was that if Anna Nicole had been Black, that they wouldn’t be making a big deal about her “baby daddy” situation. Her reasoning for this was that though Black women were also known to be overweight, tacky, and sleep around, the media wouldn’t be interested in their story, because it would be the norm. I don’t care about Anna Nicole. But it bothers me that this woman reading the essay, a Black woman, has to make an issue of this. This is a dead woman. Leave her the hell alone and stop complaining about “I bet they wouldn’t do this if she was Black.” Stop making race an issue your damn self, and you won’t have to worry about it. I can’t stand it how certain individuals have to victimize our whole culture every chance they get. Nobody owes you anything, least of all Anna Nicole. Cut it out.

Then this guy at work tonight. We were talking about his wife. Or ex-wife. Or whatever he’s considering her. They’re separated. Anyway, he goes “she doesn’t like Black guys.” Oh yeah? He goes on to say that she likes them as friends but she doesn’t like to date them. Then he proceeds to argue with me about whether that’s racist or not. Now it’s not me being hypocritical about what I just said in the last point. That was her fishing for a chance to play the race card. In this case, it was flat out said. “she doesn’t like Black guys”. His argument was that since she didn’t hate Blacks that it wasn’t racist. Let’s see.

rac·ism (rā’sĭz’əm)

  1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
  2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Thus says the American Heritage Dictionary. A belief that race accounts for a difference in character? Check. Prejudice? Check. Sounds like racism to me. I just don’t get how you can lump an entire group of people together like that. It blows my mind how people can be that ignorant. I told him I would never say I don’t like White girls, or I don’t like Black girls, or I don’t like Asian girls. I like em all. That is to say, that until you’ve met every single individual that fits that profile, if you pre-judge, you’re being racist. If I met every person from the nation of France, then and only then could I make the statement that I like or dislike French people. Other than that, it would be ignorant. My wife and I stepped out of the house today and there was an RX300 sitting in the parking lot. I made a comment about the truck and she agreed that it was a nice looking truck. We got in our car and I said that the truck was a Lexus. “Oh. I don’t like Lexuses” Huh? You already said it was nice. “Yeah, well I don’t like Lexus.” What the hell?? I asked her: so you don’t like any of them? “No.” Incredible. So before she knew it was a Lexus, it was a nice truck. This is the same kind of thing that people do all the time and it drives me crazy (could you tell?). I just don’t understand how you could allow yourself to be that narrow-minded. Better yet, how you could yourself build the walls that your mind is trapped in.

It’s 2007, people. Cut it out.


  1. Megan said,

    if i had a hat, i would take it off to you.

  2. Kliman said,

    Nice Post, but if you’re not gangsta, then can I get my gun back?

  3. sonofthed said,

    when you let me come hang out at MSU then you can get the airsoft back

  4. jer said,

    Hmm you told them and the whole thing was bullshit hopefully she learned here lesson.
    GANGSTA! which gang r u n ooooo the klompen dancer gang i see
    congratulations on starting a family lmao

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