April 9, 2007

Prison Break

Posted in Television at 10:13 am by sonofthed


For a while, I was sure that this was the best show on television. Not so sure now. I mean season 1 was great. Suspenseful, exciting, and so on. Season 2 had its high points and low points. Overall I liked it. I mean I looked forward to it every week. Plenty of “oh come on” moments. But hey, what can you do? I’m still a little confused about what went on in the finale. Sona was the name of that place? Did they plan to put him there all along? And why? Why do Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield have different last names? Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention. I guess I was just looking forward to see how it was gonna all tie up and come to closure. Then I found out there was a season 3 (meaning no closure) and I had mixed feelings. I mean, it’s my favorite show but I’m afraid it’s gonna become Lost. And by that I mean, become a terrible, dragged out, ridiculous hour of television that I can’t help but watch. We’ll see where it goes I guess. Oh and Scofield (Wentworth Miller)……….I’m not gay but I’m just saying.


  1. Kliman said,

    I used to be totally hooked on that show, even though everything about that show sucked except for the basic story. Acting, writing, camerawork; all of these suck out loud and yet I was saw every episode for the first one and a half seasons. Somehow around Thanksgiving I managed to quit all TV dramas cold turkey, and I haven’t looked back since. No more idiotic cliffhangers, no more hour long episodes that fail to advance the plots, no more absurd yet intriguing plot lines and no more worries. I’m sticking to sitcoms from here on out because I know they’re gonna be funny and I know I’m gonna laugh, and all without working on a 3 year puzzle (which is going to end really poorly btw. Yeah, I’m talking about you Lost. You’re lame and JJ Abrams sucks.)

  2. ciurtney said,

    prison break is so sweet i like the two guys that play on the movie/show there hot and i mean,sexy,no fine

    P.S. keep making those sweet shows.

  3. travis said,

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