April 19, 2007

Let’s get it together, America

Posted in Current Events at 10:26 am by sonofthed

Cho, Cho, Cho. That’s all we want to talk about. We want to know where he got the guns. We want to know why nobody saw the warning signs. We want to know how he was “pushed” to this point and could it happen again.

Well I say it’s insensitive. It’s too soon to be breaking down his whole past while the families are still grieving. I mean, he’s dead. There’s nothing that can be done. No conclusion you come to will change what happened. I agree with the governor of VA when he was saying that people are using this for their own political agendas. Now gun control is in the forefront again, overnight. CNN even managed to work an image of 50 Cent into its coverage. All the groups and organizations now have a 9/11 moment to trumpet their cause.

As far as gun control, shove it up your ass. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Criminals are, by definition, people who do not obey the law. Therefore, you can pass all the legislation you want, but all you’ll end up with is the criminals being the only armed members of society. Which I’m sure they won’t mind.

Then there’s the faction saying that this proves that we should actually have greater access to guns. Again, they’re just using this incident as leverage. I heard a guy on the radio saying “See, in a scenario like this, another person in the room with a gun could have taken him out and the situation would have been stopped.” Ok, true. But I’ve heard eyewitness accounts. None of those individuals sound like they would tote a pistol to French class “just in case”. So there goes that argument.

Then there’s the mental health angle. It was reported that he had a history of mental illness and treatment. The criticism now comes that if the warning signs were there (including harassment of other students and violent, disturbing writings) then how come nothing was done to stop him. You know why? Because nothing could be done. Unless he posed an actual threat to others and it could be proven that he was a danger to those around him, nothing can be done. Just because you write something or think something, it doesn’t mean you’re going to go through with it. I mean, if that’s the case, I’ve written some shit. But does that mean I should sacrifice my individual rights? I think not. I’m not saying just let it happen, I’m just saying I’m tired of hearing people criticize the university for not doing more. They did all they could. According to John Monahan, professor of law and professor of psychology and psychiatric medicine at the University of Virginia Law School, out of every 1000 people that consider suicide, only 1 will make an attempt. So then the individual rights of the 999 should be violated? I think not.

Ok, the guy was kinda screwed up. Fact. But it’s so rare that something like this happens. I don’t think that’s the place to look. The stigmatization of the gun culture and mental illness is an unfortunate result of this “massacre” as they’re calling it.

Most of my gripe is with the American media, but I gotta call out the international community too. I heard some lady on the radio like “I used to live in Europe, and this doesn’t happen in Europe.” Oh yeah? What about in 2001 when they guy shot 14 people at the Swiss parliament building? What about the school shooting in Germany in 2002, in which 17 people died? Or what about the shooting earlier that year in the same country? Shove it up your ass, lady.

And what’s the deal with the focus on him being a Korean national? That’s completely irrelevant. He lived in the US since he was 8…he went to public school in VA…he was a local. Just like Eric and Dylan. Just like a lot of the victims. I’ve even heard about people harassing young Koreans now because of this. You people, I swear.

I guess I’m just trying to say GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA. Stop using a tragedy as a fucking soapbox to push your agendas. Stop talking about gun control and mental health funding and all the other bullshit that’s, at this point, irrelevant.

Two things before I go.

1) Hopefully the Michigan legislature can get their shit together too, because I don’t want to take my son to the zoo and have it be closed. Raise the revenue, stop making cuts.

2) Alberto Gonzales is a fucking chump.

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