May 18, 2007


Posted in Movies at 10:14 am by sonofthed

Well I didn’t get to ride the Cliff Hanger. I guess it was only there for a limited time and not for the whole carnival. Weird. Also, I saw Spider-Man 3. I don’t know which one was more disappointing. The movie wasn’t bad I guess. It had the action I wanted. And without the soap opera love drama of the second one (for the most part). Three villains in a two hour movie proved to be a bit much. Also, what happened to his Spidey-Sense??? He consistently gets snuck up on by the new, improved super ninja robot Goblin. With the ridiculous mechanical wrap-around Power Ranger mask. Best part was probably when Mr. Seabiscuit tells that foreign chick “hey, go get me some milk”. I found that quite entertaining. My wife did not. Eh.

So my parents and my sister came to hang out for a day or so. We went to the Tulip Time parade. That was less than eventful. It was nice to see them though. I gave my sister my laptop, and I gave my dad my wireless router. I just know I’m gonna want that shit back at some point. Oh well.

Oh, and I ordered some shoes online. They should come today. I’m very very excited.

In the meantime, check out this hat that I want.


  I know, I know. Very fly. Wait til you see the shoes. I’m out for now.

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