June 5, 2007

Endings and New Beginnings

Posted in Television at 10:56 am by sonofthed

So all my shows are over. For this season at least. The finales were, for the most part, unimpressive.


The finale was good. Not great, but good. It was split over two weeks. For all the anticipation, I have to say it was a letdown. I mean, I guess it’s just because the entire season was all about this one day. All the characters and all the viewers have been waiting for the moment of the explosion to see what happened. And…not much happened. Maybe I just can’t appreciate good drama. But I was looking for more action. Maybe a big Peter vs. Sylar battle. Anway, the episode where they were in the future was much more entertaining and engaging than the finale. I will be watching season 2 though.


Desperate Housewives

Ugh. I don’t know how they managed this. But a finale with two weddings and a suicide was still boring. The whole storyline with Lynette and her mother was a snoozefest. Gabby and Carlos will end up back together. It’s inevitable…we’ve all known it since the second they split up. Susan and Mike…they’ll last but it won’t be happily ever after. Susan loves drama. We all know that. She just pretends like she doesn’t. Bree is back, that was cool. She’s never been my favorite housewife but it was refreshing to see her. However, the whole fake pregnancy thing..it wasn’t very suspenseful. I figured it out in a second. Ahh Bree, you would do something like that. It’s all about image with you. We’ll see how that works out. And did Edie succeed in killing herself or will someone rush in and save her? Personally, I don’t care. She’s not even a main character..she was just subbing for Bree. Overall this was a mediocre episode of DH. Not even close to the best ep of the season. The season was good though, and I’ll be tuning in for 4.


Well..considering the show, this could have been much much worse. I mean two hours of a show that’s gone on for too long already. But it was actually good. I gotta say I enjoyed it. A lot happened. Jack loves Kate. Juliette kisses Jack. The “flashback” for the episode is actually a “flash-forward” and we see that eventually they do get off the island, but we still don’t know the details of that. Hurley saves the day. Charlie saves the day. Naomi wasn’t who she claimed to be but we don’t know who she is. Jack called the boat for rescue. And there’s a mystery funeral in the “flash-forward”. The episode ends with Jack telling Kate (in the future) that they “have to go back!” Interesting…

Will I be watching the next season? Do I even have a choice?



Surprisingly the best finale this year. Quite the sensational episode for such a mediocre series. Um..everybody dies. Kind of. Lois dies…Chloe uses her newly discovered healing power to bring her back and it seems sacrifice her own life. Lana appears to die in an explosion but I’m hearing that she may have faked her own death. Either way, I don’t think she’ll be back as a regular character on the show, if at all. Not that this bothers me. I haven’t liked her since probably season 3. I can’t believe Lex hit her though..dude is crazy. Clark finally told Lana his secret. Which I thought was hilarious. Because she didn’t even care.

Clark: I’m an alien

Lana: You’re still the same Clark to me.

….wow, I bet you wish you would have told her this like 4 years ago, don’t ya?

Martha Kent goes to Washington DC. I don’t know if that means she’s off the show but I hope not. She’s cool. And she actually humanizes Lionel somewhat cuz of their feelings for each other.

And finally, will I be watching season…what is this, 7? Sure, but can Lois and Clark hook up already? She’s sexy as hell.


The Office

Pretty good ending. Michael, Karen, and Jim all were applying for a corporate job which turned out to be Jan’s position. Jan went nuts. Um….Ryan got the job and Jim asked Pam on a date. So….Jim and Karen are over? Guess so. I’ll watch the next season of course. Always entertaining, even when mediocre.


oh, and The Riches…I’m two episodes behind and I still don’t think it’s over. I may be done with it. Not enough happens.

Alright, the new seasons of some old favorites.

The Next Food Network Star

First episode was pretty intense. Seems like they’re trying to get some of those Top Chef ratings. Should be a good season. Solid competitors. Hopefully it can keep my interest throughout the duration though. First and second seasons fell off my radar about halfway through.

Hells Kitchen

Just watched the first episode last night. Shit..it was hilarious. I love how these people act like they’ve never seen the show. One girl is like “he’s scary!” Yeah, no shit. Have you ever seen the show? Another girl is like “I can flirt and manipulate to get what I want out of Chef Ramsey.” Good luck with that. In the first episode one guy broke down and cried for no reason, one lady almost fainted during the first presentation of food, one of the women was outcast for no reason, and there was already a betrayal which led to someone going home. This should be great.

Top Chef

Hasn’t started yet, but I’m excited. It’s been really good for the last two seasons. I just hope they don’t try to change things too much. They’re calling it “Top Chef: Miami” and to me that just screams “Real World”. I’m just a little concerned that they might try to sex it up. I hope not. I looked online, solid competitors.


I downloaded seasons 1 and 2 a while back and I enjoyed it. Season 3 starts this August and Mary-Kate Olsen joins the cast. It comes on Showtime. It’s a different type of show. Somewhere between Riches, Sopranos, and Desperate Housewives. I’ll cue it up on the DVR but I won’t be rushing home to catch it.

Overall, should be a decent year for TV. I may try to get into a few new shows. I’ve heard good things about Dexter. Thank god for DVR.

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  1. Son of Chi said,

    desperate housewives the video game is pretty fun.

    if you download it.

    for free.

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