July 29, 2007

Some new shit

Posted in Movies, Music at 10:10 am by sonofthed

Fall Out Boy featuring Kanye West, Travis from Gym Class Heros, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Skin Head Rob and Lil’ Wayne – “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race (Remix)”

pretty hot lineup of guests

Sean Kingston and Paula DeAnda – “There’s Nothing”

If this isn’t a single, they’re silly. I still don’t know how I feel about him though.

Oh, and the Transformers movie doesn’t suck. It is full of plot holes and unfinished story arcs. But it doesn’t suck. It’s fun to watch and the effects were incredible. Only question I have is why the Decepticonz were the only ones smart enough to transform into shit that would actually help them in a big fight like planes, tanks, etc. And if they could transform into anything they saw..why did they just stick with the first thing they chose to be? Why would you want to be a Pontiac Solstice or an ambulance in the middle of a war? Doesn’t make sense. Anyway it was good. I don’t know why Tyrese was in it though.

I’ll leave you with this for today

If ignorance is bliss, complacency must be euphoria. Some of you need a wake-up call.

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