August 20, 2007

Chicago mayne

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Spent the weekend in the Chi.

Helped my friend move. Well..supervised kind of. That was fun. 3 flights of stairs and no elevator. Nice place though.

Man I miss Chicago. Pimps, gays, bums, stuck-up bitches with nice purses.

And how about the stupid girl at the Starbucks in Dominick’s? I ordered a hot chocolate.
I ask her if they are good because I’ve never had one from Starbucks
She says “No. I like Dunkin’ Donuts” *hands me the beverage*

Then she says “Well I’ve never had it from here either, but I’m just used to Dunkin’ Donuts”
Well then why would you say no? Dummy.

Or what about that lady who knocked over the whole display of raspberries? womp womp

Or….when my buddy filled out a change of address form with the wrong address? womp womp

Or what about when I drove into the city during rush hour on a Friday? womp womp

Oh, and there is a business plan in the works. More on that when details are developed.

peace and blessings people

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