August 24, 2007

I Am McLovin

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    A friend of mine from high school is very knowledgeable about movies. He’s who I turn to when I want to know whether something is worth seeing. He’s the one who blesses me with new trailers. His is pretty much the only opinion I value or really take into consideration as far as whether to look forward to a movie. So when this individual told me that Superbad was his new #1 comedy of all time, I believed him. Unfortunately, he was way off the mark on this one.

    I read in the RedEye in Chicago that every generation has that one comedy. That generation-defining comedy. They claim that Superbad is the comedy that defines our generation. They claim that “I Am McLovin” is the quote that will be repeated for years to come. Unfortunately, the RedEye too was way off the mark on this one.

    Superbad is neither the #1 comedy of all time, nor the film that defines my generation. It is a mediocre-at-best attempt at high school humor. I suppose that’s where my distaste lies with the film. The high school humor. The idea behind the film seemed to be “Let’s make a movie about high schoolers and see how many times we can make them say ‘fuck’, ‘pussy’, ‘dick’, and ‘cock’.” And that was it. A movie about getting laid I don’t have a problem with. It’s just that they overdid everything. As if they were trying way too hard with the faces and the yelling and the noises. And the main guy, whatever the hell his name is, his character got old real quick. For like the first half of the movie, he’s just yelling and swearing. And that’s funny…apparently.

    There were funny parts though, just not enough to save the movie. There were a few one-liners that were good. Nothing laugh-out-loud funny though. Another problem I had was that the gimmick of saying something out loud that you shouldn’t say or that you don’t mean to was pretty played out early on in the film. It just seemed forced rather than natural slips of the tongue.

    Overall, the movie was barely worth seeing. Unless maybe you’re between the ages of 11 and 14 and the word “boner” is still funny to you. The best recent team comedy, in my opinion, is Accepted. If you haven’t seen it, definitely check that out. It runs laps around Superbad as far as humor.


Rating: Super Bad




We’ll close with something that actually is generation-defining


Tay Zonday – Internet Dream












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