August 31, 2007


Posted in Music at 12:14 am by sonofthed

No downloads here..but welcome to take a listen…but I’d advise against it if you’re already drowsy..


Good Morning (Intro)

Homecoming (ft. Chris Martin)



Good Life (ft. T-Pain)

I Wonder

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Drunk and Hot Girls (ft. Mos Def)

Everything I Am

Big Brother

The Glory

Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele)

That last one isn’t on the iTunes tracklist. Also my version has Barry Bonds but it’s not on the iTunes tracklist. I already posted it here anyway. There’s a couple bonuses I guess. Bittersweet, which I already posted. And a track with Lupe and Pharrell. I guess they’re starting a group called CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers). I had that but deleted it apparently. I guess it wasn’t very good.

Anyway, it’s too early for a review from me. I’ll give it a week.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

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