September 6, 2007

sum tings

Posted in Music, Television at 12:38 am by sonofthed

here r some tings

it bothers me when i’m watching a show and at the beginning they say “previously on…” and it’s not just previously like the last episode or two. it’s the entire season. and they try to recap the entire storyline by showing 5 second clips of everything important. and every episode that part gets longer and longer. don’t start watching a series on episode 10 of 13. and if you watch it and you just miss one, look the shit up or something. it’s dumb.

yes, I have Curtis. The retail. i haven’t posted it because i’m lazy. but this is hands-down the hottest song. let this one marinate until i feel like posting a review of the album

50 Cent ft. Akon – Still Will Kill

here are some lyrics. for some folks. (not related to Still Will Kill)

I’ve been thinking bout, I’ve been thinking bout
I’ve been thinking bout you lately
Thoughts take me to when we were close
Addicted to your love, feel I need another dose
I know it’s a feeling that should be long gone
Things seem to come up when I hear our song
Golden brown girl, it seemed so long
Since I heard your voice, where did the king go wrong?
Emotions that, that they linger on
I guess cause I never knew a love so strong
So many hot girls I need your warm
The taste of your mouth girl I need your warm
Good food and love I need your warm
This here was made before we were born
A dreamer so I’ma keep dreaming on
It’s kind of like ‘The Breakup’ with Jen and Vince Vaughn”

Common ~ I Want You

Some people graduate but be still stupid”

Kanye West ~ Good Mornin

I don’t wanna hurt you.
But I call a square a square and a circle a circle.
So if you act like a bitch, I’ma call you a bitch
and hang up, probly call you right back and shit”

50 Cent ~ Follow My Lead

here’s another ting

why do grown men feel the need to comment on another grown man’s grooming and personal appearance? is that what’s hot in the streets right now? it’s gay and cut it out. i’m growing my hair out and i haven’t shaved my facial hair in a while. but why do i have to hear about it on a daily basis? and only from males? do you guys wanna see if my fingernails are trimmed? every time that someone comments, i’m lettin it grow another day. get off my jock. it’s very suspect

peach schnapps and peach soda. ya dig?

allergies are a bitch

listen. when you think you’re too good for advice, check yourself. seriously. like examine yourself and the pride issues that you have. take a look in a mirror and ask yourself how you’ve twisted your perception so much that you think you’re perfect enough to be an island. you’re above questioning. you’re above criticism. you’re above advice. above it all. you’re perfect. your ego is your hubris. and your hubris is your hamartia. and i’m done trying to bring you down a few notches. you’ll do it to yourself. the harder they fall, right?

I love my sister.
I love my son.
I love my friends (both of them) 🙂

peace and blessings…oh and free “Hugs”!


Taz is hard on hoes


  1. D-Pride said,

    heres another ting, lol.

  2. jer said,

    oh and one more ting…


  3. Megan said,

    Im afraid that ‘Curtis’ will be better than ‘Graduation’.

    I want to see your hairs.

    Taz is out of control.

    *hugs 😉

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