September 8, 2007

No More Whites!

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Yeah…white iPods are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to this old guy for good


That’s the 1st gen iPod from like waaayy back in the day. My how far we’ve come.

This is a rundown of the updates announced this week by Apple

The iPod Shuffle goes from


meh…who cares

The iPod Nano goes from

to 08_large20070905.jpg

Pretty big change. I guess they brightened up the screen. Main thing though is that they added video. Which…I don’t know how to feel about. I mean, it’s cool that they can do it I guess. But who is gonna watch a TV show or movie on a screen smaller than the one already on the regular iPod? Kinda silly but, hey..Apple didn’t ask me.

Then we have the big iPod…now called the iPod Classic. It now comes in Black or Silver exclusively. No more classic white. Check it.


Oh yeah, did I mention the obligatory size increase? Yeah, they had to do it. We’re up to a 160 GB now. Kinda excessive for music but I think they’re really taking the video aspect into account. I mean say you have 320 GB of hard drive space on your computer, which is quite a bit for the average person. This means half of your entire capacity could be synced onto your iPod. That’s a lot of music/photos/video. Impressive though for the size. Also, I guess the whole iPod family is rocking all metal exteriors now. I don’t think it’ll stop people from buying cases though. But it should put some minds at ease at least a little bit.

Now……the big news.


Nope, not the iPhone. This, people, is why they’re calling the other one the Classic. You’re looking at the iPod Touch. Full touch screen, wi-fi enabled, accelerometer, ambient light detector. The whole nine. Or should I say the whole 16. The fuckin super pod comes with a maximum of 16 GB of storage space. Yeah….16. Wtf can I do with 16 GB?! Some people would answer I could do a lot. I disagree. I currently own an 80 GB. Not really close to being full, but definitely more than 16 GB full. I guess the problem is that the iPod Touch doesn’t have a hard drive, but rather uses flash memory. As far as flash memory goes, 16 gig is a lot (to my knowledge). But still..c’mon guys.
I could excuse the iPhone maxing at 8 GB because I said to myself “Well it’s a phone primarily. 8 gig is a lot for a phone.” But this..this is supposed to be the new iPod. 16 gigs isn’t nearly enough to convince a current iPod owner to “upgrade”. It’s a downgrade in my eyes. And sure there are people out there without the tens of thousands of songs. But what about us?? And if you’re just a casual listener with a few thousand songs, then what the hell do you need with a $399 touch screen music player? Maybe for video. But even then, that space is gonna get eaten up even faster.
This has to be aimed at new customers. Because obviously with the consistent upgrades in hard drive capacity on the Classic (I can’t get used to calling it that), they realize that people need space. I couldn’t replace my current iPod with this one even if I wanted to. Right now I’m sitting at about 50 GB of music. That’s no photos, no videos, no nothing. Sure the internet features are cool and the touch-screen is sweet. But throw a freakin hard drive in it so I can buy one!

Here are the price points:

Shuffle: $79
Nano: $149 (4GB)..$189 (8GB)
Classic: $249 (80 GB)….$349 (160 GB)
Touch: $299 (8 GB)…$399 (16 GB)

Oh, and they axed the 4 GB iPhone while bringing the 8 GB down to $399. Good move, and obviously done for the holidays. Still wondering when they are gonna release some games. It’s wide open for all kinds of cool DS-like games. Even the nano has games now. The 4 gig nano only comes in silver. Did I mention that?

Eh, well..mine may not be able to play YouTube videos or download songs wirelessly from Starbucks, but it plays my music. And it does that damn well. I’m content.

For now


  1. D-Pride said,

    games for the iphone would be sweet, I’ll get right on that.

  2. Megan said,

    And I thought I was neat with my white, 20g ipod.. thanks, J. Thanks.

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