September 30, 2007

Chamillitary Mayne

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For those who haven’t realized it yet, let me enlighten you. Ultimate Victory, Chamillionaire’s new album is out. Go get that through whatever means you choose. It’s just good music. Better than Graduation. Better than Curtis. Take a listen

You Must Be Crazy ft. Famous

We Breakin Up (He’s not singing about a girl. He’s singing about his relationship with hip-hop)

Standing Ovation

Won’t Let You Down (He’s trying to inspire here. Go get money!)

The album is solid. If you can get into the songs above, but want more convincing before spending money on the album, download the mixtape that came out a couple months ago.

Click the image below to download


Here are a couple songs

Nothin But Lies

Get On My Level

Money Already Made

Support creative hip-hop!

Chamillitary Mayne


  1. D-Pride said,

    I’ll copt that shit.

    You might be waiting for a long time to get that in the mail btw:

  2. Megan said,

    i don’t need your fake hakuna matatas. lol

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