December 24, 2007

D&D Vol. 1

Posted in School at 2:22 am by sonofthed

So far I’ve had three days of class. We’re on a little two week break for the holidays and I figured this would be a good time to report some of the nonsense witnessed. So far there is one clear douche and a handful of dumbasses. The douche would be the same guy who said his “soul burned with shame” when he got turned down for IT jobs because he didn’t have certifications. There’s also the guy who said his reason for enrolling was because he doesn’t really “have a life.”

And when I say dumbasses, I don’t mean like uneducated in the subjects that we’re gonna be learning in class. Obviously we’re all there to learn the same stuff so I can’t fault them for that. What I mean is people who act like they’ve never been in school before and just don’t know how to conduct themselves in a classroom or follow along with a lecture.

The guys sitting in my row are pretty cool. Dave on my left and Japhy on the right. I think I know the most out of anybody in my row but all of them seem like quick learners. We finally got a girl added on the third day. I guess that means no girl jokes. Booo.

The instructor’s name is Adam. He seems like he’s competent and should be cool. He actually went to the school so I trust that he knows both sides of the fence. I’ve talked to him on breaks a couple times and I think we’ll get along for the most part.

So far it’s been review and the only notes I’ve been taking have been to remind me about what to post on here. Like the guy who gives this ridiculous grin every times he answers a question or makes a comment. Or the guy with the random obnoxious laugh in response to something that deserves a chuckle at most. How about the fact that you don’t always need to say something out loud so when something happens and you go “WOW…all I can say is WOW..” it comes off as stupid because nobody asked you to say anything at all.
We got our first real book this week and we have two chapters to read over break. I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot harder in the coming months and this means I’ll have plenty to post about hopefully. Volume 2 coming in early January.


  1. Doug said,

    Hahaha, I’d love to hear this yeknow on the *phone* too if at all possible.

    I miss my buddy.

  2. jer said,

    so take a taperecorder in or sumthin i wanna hear this myself sounds like straight up comedy WOW!

  3. heather said,

    thhhhhhhe person who says wow all i can say is wow, is me, so don’t hate 😦 lol

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