December 31, 2007


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A quick little alphabetical recap of the year and a look at things to come. I was on Tussin for about 75% of this. Oh wellz. Happy New Year.

It’s Over


Anniversary (2007)
For those who don’t know, my second wedding anniversary was this month. 2 years! Remember when they said we wouldn’t make it? Ha.

Afro (2008)
I’m only cutting it if it stops me from getting a job


Birthdays (2007)
Jeralyn is 16..Tim is

Bills (2007)
Having to fully support myself and my household took some getting used to

Bills (2008)
I’m still figuring it out…


Car Crash (2007)
I’ll never forget it. Not just because I could have died, but because my family was with me and it was a reminder to never take those you love for granted.

Cable (2007)
Been a fan for years…but your prices have to come down to get me back

Camping (2008)
If you wanna come, holla


Decisions (2007)
Which car? Which apartment? Which classes? Making decisions that affect you in the long-term help you grow so much and makes handling the day-to-day activities seem like a piece of cake.

Decisions (2008)
Move out of state? Who would I like to see as president?

DSL (2008)
Show and Prove. It has to be a combination of performance and price in order for me to keep it.


enV (2007)
lg-env-1.jpg Love it

Edge (2008)
2007_edge_black-thumb.jpg Watch me


Family (2007)
I owe them so much and love them so deeply.

Friends (2007)
You two are my water wings. Never ever leave me.

You heard it here first..we might be trying for a girl. Speaking of kid sister is gonna be a senior in 08….wtf


GOD (Forever ever)
He is the boss


Hats (2007)
The fro is making me chill on my hat game

Hip-Hop (2007)
For a year that showed very little promise at the outset, it turned out to be full of gems. From American Gangster to The Cool, good music shined through at the end.

High Definition (2007)
Got an HD set this year and yeah…believe the hype.
Hip-Hop (2008)
Who knows…

Hybrid (2008)
See Edge above ^

Heroes (2008)
Please don’t be whack


I am Legend (2007)
This movie should have been called I Hope You Enjoy Coincidences

Independence (2007)
Getting closer and closer

iPhone (2007)

IT (2008)
My new career what I do


Julian (2007)
My joy. My motivation. My own offspring. Two years later and sometimes I still can’t believe that I created this little boy. Now to make a man of him..

Jay-Z (2007)
Big year. Incredible album. Lots of criticism from Def Jam artists. Big business deals as usual.

Jay-Z (2008)
No more President Carter. What does the future hold for Hovito? I’m gonna guess money


Kitty (2007)
One of the new additions to our family. He’s a cool little guy with no name.

Kris (2007)
The other new addition. My new PC. She’s lovely

Keith and the Girl (2007)logo.gif
I became a fan….ok, ok, an addict

Kris (2008)
Video card..Bluetooth..she’s still growin


Lupe Fiasco (2007)
This nigga delivered an incredible album. Good enough that I actually bought it from the store. I don’t do that. Don’t dumb it down Lu!


Lora (2007)
The Burger King diva

Lora (2008)

Lost (2008)
See Heroes above ^


Money (2007)
On my mind a lot. Getting it..wasting it..earning it..spending it..wanting it..needing it..blowing it. Trying not to love it.

Megan (2007)
It flew by, didn’t it? I wish your life wasn’t such a whirlwind. At least it seems that way from the outside looking in. Just remember that, like it or not, you’re a role model.

Myspace (2007)
Fuck myspace

Myspace (2008)
Fuck Myspace

Metal Gear Solid 4 (2008)



Newegg (2007)
Provided the parts for my new baby girl, Kris

Networking (2008)
No, not computers. I’ll say it what I do


Overtime (2007)
Plenty of this. Keeps me with nice things.

Obama (2008)


Pete and Renee (2007)
They’re back!!

PC Pro Schools (2007)
See posts in the “School” category

Potty Training (2008)
Any tips?

PlayStation 3 (2008)
First quarter. Can’t wait.


QVC (2007)
Some of the best television programming I watched all year

Quote of the Day podcast(2008)
More info coming soon


Roc-a-Fella (2007)
Things look shaky over there. Just when it looked like the Dynasty was making a comeback. They need to do a tour.

Rich Jones (2008)
It’s your year..Sec Citizen..and you say Chi City..


Seana (2007)
Hey baby

South Carolina (2008)


Tennant (2007)
My place of employment currently. A lot of changes this year but as long as the bosses love me, I’m good.

Tennant (2008)
This time next year they’ll be like “Remember Justen?”


Unemployment (2007)
Seemed to be the theme. Not for me..but just for everyone else.

Umbrella (2007)
Ella ella ella…

Union Strikes (2007)
GM, Ford, Writers. Power to the people!

Uncool (2008)
My theme for the new year. I’d rather be successful and in right standing with God than be cool. Real talk.


Vista (2007)
The new version of Windows arrived to mixed reviews. I still use it on both of my computers. Works for me. *shrug*

Voyager (2008)
verizon-lg-voyager.jpg Crushing the iPhone seven days a week


WordPress (2007)
I like it. I think I’ll stay.

West Virginia (2008)
Bed & Breakfast trip hopefully

X, Y, Z

I got nothin


  1. Megan said,

    🙂 I like this. except when verizon beats AT&T

  2. Doug said,

    D… is missing someone.

    OhwellI’manarcasscistthatcan’tspelltheword right.

    good blog.

  3. Doug said,

    You also forgot your new favorite musical artist to share: MJ

  4. Allen said,

    Great post as usual. I’ve had a busy week, moving. Classes. So I’ve got some catching up to do. But it’s good to be back in the loop.

  5. megan said,

    Then.. after this.. i got arrested. woot.

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