January 11, 2008

D&D Vol. 2

Posted in School at 8:40 pm by sonofthed

So there’s a new girl. Meet Jamie.

“Hiiii. My name is Jamieee. I don’t know a lot about computerrrrrs. Ummmm. Pretty much just ebayyyyyy…and putting stuff on my iiiiiPod..and I want a new career!” ๐Ÿ™‚

This should be fun.

And..Ryan..Mr. “my soul burned with shame”…stop blurting out shit that you know we haven’t covered yet. Nobody thinks you’re cool because of it. You’re actually just wasting time. You read the whole book over Christmas break…newsflash..nobody wants to be you.

Also, there’s a guy that has only shown up for two days. This guy sits two down from me and he’s having a hard time grasping computer concepts. Like…how to copy and paste. He said he tried to drop out but he would have lost most of the money because he waited too long. He’s never had a computer and he bought one just for this. He’s gonna be in trouble. Good thing Japhy sits between us, cuz this guy asks for a lot of help.

It’s no wonder we don’t get through all the material that we’re supposed to cover each day when there’s a guy in the front row who constantly asks questions about Microsoft’s decisions. Like the instructor works for MS. “Why doesn’t Microsoft just come out with something different?” “Does Microsoft know that people don’t like this?” http://www.microsoft.com dude. Look for a Contact Us link.

I am learning a lot though. I am really interested to see how about half of the class fares once we get into the really heavy stuff. Cuz some of them are barely treading water as it is. Oh wellz.



  1. Doug said,

    whats the class that they made you take at Ai that you could test out of that was exactly like this one… did you test out? I forget.

  2. Doug said,

    also, no quotable for yesterday?

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