January 16, 2008

Bad, bad, bad, bad boy

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You make me feel so good?

Ma$e aka Murda Mase aka Mason Betha is back in the pulpit. He has returned to his SANE Church International. I guess after the G-Unit deal didn’t work, he decided he’s done with music again.

Let’s take a look back

Mase in the 90’s

What You Want
Feel So Good

Mase after being born again


Mase after coming back to music in 2004


We Don’t Have To (Take our clothes off)

Gotta Survive
“I could do nothing of myself. It’s all through him”
“You don’t even know success until you know him.And him is Jesus”


Mase with G-Unit in 2005 as “Murda Mase”


Some tracks from his G-Unit Mixtape: “Crucified for the Hood” (which was actually really good..but now he’s killin niggas again?)

Kamikaze ft. 50 Cent
“I open niggas chests like Vicks man”
“I just pipe her, then give her back to her man to wife her”

Going Back to Harlem
“See the silver thing, chrome? It don’t play a ringtone.”

From the A Now
“I’m not fat, just the mac make me very bulky”
“Thinkin cuz you top me off, I’ll guap you off? Ma, you got me lost, I probly won’t even drop you off”
“Murda! Murda! Murda!”

“Can’t go back to Queens, I’m still hittin N.O.R.E.’s ho”
“This M10 spray…stunt on campus, turn it to Columbine”

10 Years of Hate
“6 shooters, 6 cutters on a nigga”
“Fresh out of church lookin for a sinner woman”
“The church ain’t big enough to buy what I’m buyin”

Murda is Back
“Be happy I turned reverend, from 7 to 11, in front of 7 Eleven with a brand new Mac 11”
“It’s better I pray for em than lay for em, polish the AK for em and make the block hot as May for em”

Got My Nine
“I got my nine..Who wanna die tonight?”
“Only J-E-S-U-S can save us” (confused)

Finally..compare this video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

to this one

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare…he breaks it all down in this interview


  1. Allen said,

    Man, I think Mase is ridiculous. Honestly, if he went back to music and had gone say, the “Will Smith” route and kept it clean, fine. He makes music and maintains his integrity and, most importantly his standing with the lord and the respect of his flock. What does he have now? No respect in the streets and no respect in the church. L-O-S-E-R.

  2. Daniel Panico said,

    We all fall short of the glory of God, Peter himself denied Jesus. And if you study the scripture carefully, you will see Paul thee apostle had to rebuke him for being a hypocrite. If we as believers would understand the heart of God for everybody in this world. We would understand that we all need Jesus. We all need his forgiveness and grace. We should leave all judgements in the hands of Jesus Christ because He is Righteous…..He alone is wise….Leave that brotha mase alone, and pray for him….

  3. kim said,

    I attended pastor mason’s church for a few years when I lived in Atlanta. I by no means am excusing what people are allegedly saying that he is a hypocrite. I tell you what people are so busy judging other people and trying to find fault that they can’t even focus on themselves. Attending s.a.n.e church international help me grow and develop as a person. There is no way tyT you could have attended that church and not want to live better to be better. Mason is human but what he taught Sunday after Sunday is the same yesterday today & will be tomMorrow the word of Jesus. So whatever you people feel he should be doing get your life in order and let god judge because that is who mason will have to answer to. I was raised in church all my life and I have never been a follower of murda mase f.y.I

  4. C Banga! said,

    Hey my man… can you re-up the 45 minute interview with Mase?

  5. Mac Elvis said,

    we all fall down even those that want to overact Spriritual sometyms
    gud to have u back Friend
    I love man an God Bless
    after all its livin a life worhty of praiz to our God and makin it to heaven
    that we all long for
    be encouraged


  6. jacqui said,

    I’ve just reviewed several commentaries and reviews on Mason Betha’s rapping career and on his Pastoral duties. I too once attend SANE ministries and i too have heard this preach. In the beginning it was a lessons of love and all about Christ. I knew some of the things that he was teaching was more from his own personal perpective and not necessarily that of GOD. The Holy Spirit always went before me and would show me in the word what was true but then there were others that never pick up their bibles nor did they study to show themselves approved. That was on time that i always admired about him was the fact that he who challegne us to study. I left the church after i had some very serious questions answered about my faith and my purpose for attending SANE. GOD revealed to me that my love for him was and will always be stronger than any love or false hope that this life could provide for me. I still friends that i love that still attend the church and i pray for them and Pastor Betha’s soul to be delivered unto GOD and that he keeps them. I am not one to judge that man for every man must walk out his own salvation. I just pray for deliverance from evil what ever form that it may be in for all of us.

  7. tiffiny said,

    I began to read the comments that were left, Mase Betha is just a man and must find his own way, only God can be our judge…I do not doubt that this man love sGod but I am sure that he struggles because of where he came from and that the enemy torments him because of the “mighty dollar” in the secular world.I remember his testimony about how he said God told him that he was accountable for many souls going to hell when he was in the secular realm. So I believe that he knows right from wrong and what he should do. G od is calling for holliness and we just need to pray for this man and his family and not judge him,we need to remember he has a soul to that needs to be saved. and that he will b accountable.

  8. Onoriode Fortune Esharemurhe said,

    Folks! the bible says ”Honor all men,Love the brother hood,honor the kings & fear God. I love pastor mase,and will always honor him.
    By doing so ,i can never speak evil of him.

    Pastor! Thank you for answering to your call !

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