February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

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No politics..just the latest in my rotation



New G-Unit (minus Young Buck) mixtape: Return of the Bodysnatchers

Another 70 Bars (Banks is back!)

Bottom Girl (50 is singin his ass off)

Make Me Feel Good (What happened to Buck’s verse??)


New Jadakiss mixtape: Al Qaeda Jada

Welcome to the Roc

I forgot how ill Jada was


Bump J..I never gave him a chance and he’s a little bit outside of what I listen to. These tracks are pretty solid though off of his new mixtape: Dinnertime

Bad Influence

I Can Handle That

So In Love

and a bonus

Lupe and Snoop – High Definition

It’s past my bedtime but I’m up cuz I’m happy to be alive and so blessed.
Miracles do happen and it’s never over til it’s over, just ask the Giants. You dig?


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  1. megan said,

    how could you forgot how ill jada was? i remember when you loved him.

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