February 18, 2008

T-Dot stand up

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Now, I never watched Degrassi, but apparently it’s pretty popular with the youngsters. There’s this character named Jimmy…


Say hi, Jimmy.

Anyway, the actor’s name is Aubrey Graham and he’s a 21 year old from Toronto.
Why do I care and why do you care?
Because he raps under the name Drake and he’s really talented.

He’s put out two different mixtapes. Room for Improvement in 2006 and Comeback Season last year.

I recently came across Comeback Season and I was impressed. I didn’t expect much because..well he’s on Degrassi.

Tracks I like

The Presentation
Where To Now

He really has lyrics and I know he has that TV money so I can actually believe him when he talks his shit. His label is called ATF for All Things Fresh and there’s no word yet on when a full-length retail album can be expected.

I don’t know his affiliation with Trey Songz but they seem to do a lot together. He has him on the mixtape and he shouts him out on a couple of other tracks.

They did a video together for Replacement Girl a while back and I guess it was on 106 for a minute

He also did a remix to Missin You and made a cameo in Trey’s “Wonder Woman” video…apparently. I’m not a fan of Mr. Songz so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Anway, the kid is dope. Check him out.



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