May 16, 2008

I put on for my city

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(WXYZ) — Approximately 50 students at Livonia Stevenson High School have been suspended for wearing t-shirts that celebrate drinking and Michigan’s legal alcohol limit.

The shirts, which read “Puschin’ It To The Limit. Class Of .08 Seniors,” were apparently a “School Spirit Week” prank. School officials said it crossed the line and took action as soon as students arrived Thursday morning.

“We just went into the cafeteria and the principal came in and told us that we were suspended for the day and that as of now we can’t go to prom or walk [for graduation],” said student Kandice Hernandez.

At least one parent believes the school went too far. “I knew that they were wearing them. I didn’t find anything offensive,” Becky Bustamonte-Wilson told WXYZ. “Everbody has their own analogy of what they’re pushing their limits for and whether it’s for their grades, their curfew.”

Livonia Stevenson Principal Steven Archibald doesn’t buy that argument. “This was a disruption of school,” he told WXYZ. “We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol.”

Archibald says he will meet with the students Friday “to see what they can do to get their privileges of prom and commencment back.

Original story here

Ah, suburbia


  1. jer said,

    WOOOO!! headline news. PUSCH it to the limit .08 SENIORS for sure. Wait until us juniors exceed the limit .09 tahaaa

  2. jon.C said,

    hey man… how do u get these flash music player things on ur posts?

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