June 1, 2008

I’m lazy

Posted in Personal at 7:55 am by sonofthed

I could have posted about the Glow In the Dark concert from last Friday.

I could have posted the videos and pictures that I took during the show.

I could have posted pictures from Chinatown and and plum tea that was 200 dollars a pound.

I could have made a post about how I talked my way back into Presidential Towers and accidentally stalked a lady.

I suppose I could have taken some pictures of Meg in Millennium Park or on a train platform.

Hmm..I suppose I coulda described the night by the fountain or freezing by the sailboats.

Or maybe taken pictures at the zoo or at Belmont Harbor.

And so on and so on.

But I’m lazy. I don’t have pictures of any of that shit. I have a ticket stub from the concert and I have this

Great trip


  1. ely said,

    is that golden nugget french toast?

  2. jon.C said,

    good enuff.

  3. doug said,


  4. doug said,

    PS I love that banner of Megan.

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