August 6, 2008

1, 2 Punch

Posted in Personal at 2:11 am by sonofthed

I was a boy.
I had never felt an earthquake before.
I didn’t even know for sure what one felt like.
I had seen them on TV. I had heard about them, but how would I know?
When I first felt the rumbling, I couldn’t be sure that’s what it was.
As it grew more intense, though, I knew

She was ready.
She could see the tiger from where she stood.
Distant but still a threat.
She was ready because she knew the tiger would attack again.
The tiger always attacked again.
Each time, she had managed to defend her position, though not without injury.
Still she stood firm..focused only on the tiger.
She felt like it would never end.
Neither of them would back down.
She raised the rifle to her eye and took a look.
The tiger was still out of range.
She knew it would come closer though.
It was just a matter of time before she’d have to drive it back again.
A harmless vine strikes, bites, scurries away.
She is dead almost instantly.

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  1. megan said,

    I like it.

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