October 14, 2008

burds, playnz

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Ta da..super blog

I know I’ve been posting a lot about politics. That doesn’t mean everything is serious. I’m just pretty aware of how important it is right now to get a change in Washington. 

Anyway, I still indulge in entertainment when I can manage to find the time. Problem is I’ve been pretty busy lately. I watch quite a few shows and it has been harder and harder to keep up.

I’m current on Prison Break. It didn’t even air this week. This season is the best since Season 1 so far. Still far from realistic but it’s a lot more exciting and suspenseful. The one cardholder a week bit is getting a little old, but it’s good to see Sara back. It shows us Scofield a little bit different. He smiles every now and then.

It was great to see Desperate Housewives come back. I always miss it during the off-season. So far it’s been quite disappointing though. The whole “5 years in the future thing” works in Heroes but I think it was waaay lazy of the writers. The show is mad boring right now but I still watch it every week. I guess I’m just hoping it will pick up. I do still love my ladies though.

Heroes is still about the same. Back and forth to the future. Every episode everybody switches sides. In other words..I really have no idea what is going on in the show at this point. By the end of each ep I think I’ve got it figured out..but as soon as I start the next week, I am clueless again. I think I need Heroes for Dummies or some shit.

I’ve started watching Fringe. I’m a couple weeks behind. I’ll catch up over the weekend most likely. It’s not a bad show. Seems kinda “freak-of-the-week” Smallville-ish though. Mixed with X-files maybe. We’ll see if it can keep my interest. JJ Abrams is already on my shitlist because of Lost. I don’t think he has another mega-hit on his hands, but I’ve seen worse.

The Office is still hilarious. Not like..Sarah Palin hilarious, but it’s a funny show. Pam and Jim are engaged. Yay. Dwight and Angela are still knocking boots. Gross. Ryan is back. Fag. Michael has a new love interest. Idiot.

Entourage. I like this show because it’s fun, short and fast-paced. It’s funny, and you really feel like you know these guys. You really find yourself rooting for Vince as if he’s your favorite Hollywood actor…never mind whoever the guy is that actually plays him. This season is pretty good so far. Bow Wow is in it for some reason and T.I. made a cameo. Maybe they’re going for the…..”urban” viewers?

I’ve only seen the first episode of Dexter this season. I watched it like a month before the season started so I didn’t even realize they had started airing. I’ll catch up. Anyway, it was good. I’m still disturbed by the fact that I feel like Dex is the good guy but I guess that’s part of the show’s angle.

Pushing Daisies is back. It’s the same old, same old. Still fairly entertaining though. And Chuck is still super-cute. 

I know I’m maddd late, but I’ve also been watching a ton of Curb Your Enthusiasm. One of the best/funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Larry David is incredible. One of my top 5 shows of all time.

I’m also eager for Lost and Scrubs to start up at the top of the year. Oh..I gave up on Weeds.

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  1. Kliman said,

    How could you give up on weeds? That’s just shameful.

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