January 20, 2009

Real talk

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Young Jeezy ft. Nas ~ My President is Black

Jay-Z ~ My President is Black (DC-Mix)

My President is black, in fact he’s half white. 
So even in a racist’s mind he’s half right. 
If you have a racist’s mind, you’ll be aight
My President is black but his house is all white.
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
So Ima spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky!

I already got my own clothes, already got my own shoes
I was hot before Barack… Imagine what Im gone do! 
Hello Ms. America, hey pretty lady!
Red white and blue flag, wave for me baby. 
Never thought I say this shit… Baby Im good
You can keep ya puss I dont want no more bush!
No more wars!
No more Iraq!
No more white lies bitch
My Presidesnt is Black!!!!

January 6, 2009

Kingdom Come

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Live Nation has confirmed an inauguration concert in Washington D.C., featuring Mogul/rapper Jay-Z on January 19. The rapper will be backed by a live band when he hit’s the stage at The Warner Theatre in D.C., which is located on 13th Street. Prior to Barack Obama’s historic election as the first African-American of the United States, Jay-Z championed the president’s bid for office via concerts, voter registration drives nationwide and through his celebratory track “History.” “I need y’all to be really, really quiet for this. I need you to really understand what I’m telling you,” Jay-Z told young fans during a rally at The Uptown Theater for Obama in Philadelphia in early November.

“Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama’s running so we all can fly,” Jay-Z said.

For Obama’s part, he has already expressed that he is a fan of Jay-Z’s music and admitted to listening to the popular rapper on his iPod. He even gave a nod to Jay-Z, when he “brushed dirt off of his shoulders” in response to jabs directed at him from former presidential hopeful, Senator Hillary Clinton. Tickets for the event are slated to go on sale January 9 at 10:00 am via ticketmaster, Livenation.com or the Warner Theatre Box Office. Barack Obama will officially be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States on January 20 in Washington, D.C.

November 6, 2008


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November 5, 2008


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November 2, 2008

It’s almost time now..

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October 30, 2008

Do it because Borat says so

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October 10, 2008

Hmm…when you put it that way..

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I can’t get this song out of my head!
“I’ll tap that ass like a beer keg”

October 4, 2008

I gave her yesterday off

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For real though..register.

October 2, 2008

Funny…….yet frightening

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Don’t Vote

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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