January 20, 2009

I Get It In – Final Mixed Version

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January 6, 2009

The Trifecta

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This is the completed version of that Em track that I posted a while back

Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre ~ Crack a Bottle

January 5, 2009

New Year Music

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New 50 Cent ~ I Get It In (No DJ/Dirty)


May 31, 2008

G-Unit – Rider Part 2 Video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

May 5, 2008

50 Cent gets introduced to the safari snatch

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50 gets his chain borrowed during a performance in Angola, Africa (about 1:40 in)

Africa is gangsta

March 27, 2008

Blood on the Sand

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50’s new video game coming soon for 360 and PS3

Blood On The Sand"Blood On The Sand"Blood On The Sand"Blood On The Sand"

Blood On The Sand"
Blood On The Sand"

Looks like a regular day in the life for Fif

March 7, 2008

New G-Unit – Rider Part 2

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Download Link (Right-Click, Save As)

Off the Elephant in the Sand mixtape

Buck is back apparently

February 28, 2008

New Videos

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G-Unit ~ Be Good to Me
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jay-Z ~ I Know
Vodpod videos no longer available.

February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

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No politics..just the latest in my rotation



New G-Unit (minus Young Buck) mixtape: Return of the Bodysnatchers

Another 70 Bars (Banks is back!)

Bottom Girl (50 is singin his ass off)

Make Me Feel Good (What happened to Buck’s verse??)


New Jadakiss mixtape: Al Qaeda Jada

Welcome to the Roc

I forgot how ill Jada was


Bump J..I never gave him a chance and he’s a little bit outside of what I listen to. These tracks are pretty solid though off of his new mixtape: Dinnertime

Bad Influence

I Can Handle That

So In Love

and a bonus

Lupe and Snoop – High Definition

It’s past my bedtime but I’m up cuz I’m happy to be alive and so blessed.
Miracles do happen and it’s never over til it’s over, just ask the Giants. You dig?


January 16, 2008

Bad, bad, bad, bad boy

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You make me feel so good?

Ma$e aka Murda Mase aka Mason Betha is back in the pulpit. He has returned to his SANE Church International. I guess after the G-Unit deal didn’t work, he decided he’s done with music again.

Let’s take a look back

Mase in the 90’s

What You Want
Feel So Good

Mase after being born again


Mase after coming back to music in 2004


We Don’t Have To (Take our clothes off)

Gotta Survive
“I could do nothing of myself. It’s all through him”
“You don’t even know success until you know him.And him is Jesus”


Mase with G-Unit in 2005 as “Murda Mase”


Some tracks from his G-Unit Mixtape: “Crucified for the Hood” (which was actually really good..but now he’s killin niggas again?)

Kamikaze ft. 50 Cent
“I open niggas chests like Vicks man”
“I just pipe her, then give her back to her man to wife her”

Going Back to Harlem
“See the silver thing, chrome? It don’t play a ringtone.”

From the A Now
“I’m not fat, just the mac make me very bulky”
“Thinkin cuz you top me off, I’ll guap you off? Ma, you got me lost, I probly won’t even drop you off”
“Murda! Murda! Murda!”

“Can’t go back to Queens, I’m still hittin N.O.R.E.’s ho”
“This M10 spray…stunt on campus, turn it to Columbine”

10 Years of Hate
“6 shooters, 6 cutters on a nigga”
“Fresh out of church lookin for a sinner woman”
“The church ain’t big enough to buy what I’m buyin”

Murda is Back
“Be happy I turned reverend, from 7 to 11, in front of 7 Eleven with a brand new Mac 11”
“It’s better I pray for em than lay for em, polish the AK for em and make the block hot as May for em”

Got My Nine
“I got my nine..Who wanna die tonight?”
“Only J-E-S-U-S can save us” (confused)

Finally..compare this video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

to this one

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare…he breaks it all down in this interview

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